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    I should have posted this last week as it was meant as promotion for the gig I just did in Paris but I didn’t get round to it. Sonotown asked me for an exclusive podcast to promote the gig I played for them with Slugabed at New Morning Paris on the 21st Oct. The mix features new exclusives from Huess, 1000names and myself, and some new releases from ARP.101, Jonti eLan, etc. Click here to check the podcast – you can stream or download. Incidentally the New Morning venue was great and we had a ball playing there.

    This weekend we are playing in Poland (Friday – w/ Young Montana) and Switzerland (Saturday – w/ Paris Suit Yourself etc) and since both events have video flyers made for them, I’m going to let them do the talking:

    Coast2Coast #3 from ozgdesign on Vimeo.

    la grande bumm vol.15 trailer from Korsett on Vimeo.

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    So, I mentioned before about 24 minute mix that Buddy Peace had made of my back catalog (see previous post for the teaser video). Finally, you can download it from my newly created Bandcamp page, for free, naturally. See artwork (by Pete Turner) below and stream or download below that.

    Also here is a little excerpt on Soundcloud, a rework of the track “Goldfishing” from Chocolate Money EP:

    Goldfishing (Buddy Peace edit) / extract from CWSL by Kelpe

    And finally the tracklist (a lot of this stuff is highly chopped and screwed – not easy to spot all of these!):

    Nat’s Twirly Mug / Care Of Presto Mini / Whirlwound / Stop Parching Yourself (Fulgeance Remix) / The Blankout Agreement / Eye Candy Bath / Goldfishing / Wind In The Windows / Closed Cup Headroom / No Film / Taps On / Sickly Situation / Gone Train Dreaming / Shipwreck Glue / Bread Machine Bred / Brockholes / Chocolate Money / Half Spun / Dig Up Stupid / Overland / Grappling Hook / Colours Don’t Leak / Petrified / Yippee Space Ghost / Quick Broken Harp / Keep Danger / Taps On / Microscope Contents / Dig Up Stupid / Suitcasing / Pinch And Flare / Look For Shiny Things / After Gold / Babycom / Colours Don’t Leak / Cut It Upwards / Age Sculpture


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    One of my all time favourite DJ’s Buddy Peace has put together a 24 megamix of my back catalogue, and entitled it “Cold Water Sign Language”. The mix will be available as a free download later this month (yup, it’s September already) but to give you a feel, here is a video teaser for the mix. I’ll put download links up here when ready, soon!

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    Before it becomes a distant memory I just wanted to give a shout out about the SATTA Outside Festival that went on in Lithuania in the middle of August this year. It’s the second time I’ve played at the festival and I’ve also played at SATTA Inside in Vilnius. The first time I played I wasn’t able to take my drummer as he broke his foot playing table tennis, but this time he was able to come along to play. The festival had pretty much tripled in size (in a good way) since I played there in 2009, and we played to a packed out open air arena (an ex communist lecture theatre) to 2500 enthusiastic Lithuanians. Below is a couple pics of our show and a clip I filmed of Gaslamp Killer playing on the same stage. Also on the line-up amongst others was Mike Slott, Machinedrum, Paul White & Mo Kolours, Brokenchord, dEbruit, 100names, fLako, Robot Koch, Ghostpoet, Loops Haunt, Young Montana?, Montgomery Clunk and loads more. To conclude, its well worth making the journey to get this festival; if you’re into that kind of music it’s really one of a kind.

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  • Channel 4 Promo Featuring “No Film”

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    This Channel 4 promo for “Stephen Fry’s 100 Greatest Gadgets” features Kelpe track “No Film”, from the Margins EP on Black Acre last year.

    Stephen Fry’s 100 Greatest Gadgets Channel 4 Promo from Kel McKeown on Vimeo.

    Here’s a stream of the full track:

    No Film (From “Margins EP”) by Kelpe

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    Due to business (I mean, being busy, not “the bizness”) and crazy times in London a couple of things have slipped by that I’ve failed to update about on here. First, the 7″ single with Nino remix is out now on vinyl and download, you can grab it here from Boomkat. No need for another screen grab of the cover art, you can see that in a post below.

    Secondly, I submitted a track for Project Mooncircle’s “Finest Ego UK / Ireland” Compilation. This might be old news to a lot of you as it’s been out for a couple weeks but the comp is well worth getting if you haven’t done so yet. A strong collection of 26 beats and electronic instrumentals compiled by Laurent Fintoni, it features Danny Drive Thru, Huess, Mr Beatnick, Om Unit x ARP101, fLako and a lot more. Below is my track “Beat Imperial” and click the pic below that to go through to the Bandcamp page.

    Beat Imperial by Kelpe

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    My first ever 7″ single is currently at the pressing plant and will be released next month on Coco Bryce’s label MYOR (who have previously released records from Slugabed, KRSUR, Slow Hand Motem and Coco Bryce himself). Until the July release, you’ll just have to watch this little video for it.

    The 7″ and digital download both come with an excellent remix by Spanish skwee daddy NiƱo (fresh from opening Sonar 2011 and a big release on the Donky Pitch label). You can here snippets of both tracks over at Coco Bryce’s blog, 20 Shot Sequence or in his Soundcloud stream below. Artwork by Studio Flying Colours.

    Kelpe – Same New Era – Snippets by cocobrycebeats

    And for what it’s worth, here’s Soundcloud stream of the full title track, without the silly video:

    Same New Era by Kelpe

     June 26th, 2011  kelpe

  • Tom Ravenscroft Guest Mix

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    Tom Ravenscroft asked me to do a guest mix for his BBC 6 Music show and I happily obliged, turning in a self indulgent 21 minute mix of all my own material including my remix of Seeland, and also Slugabed + Huess remixes of myself. The show was aired on 18/03/11 but now you can download or stream from my soundcloud:

    Tom Ravenscroft Guestmix (FREE DL) by Kelpe

     April 19th, 2011  kelpe