• Now Wave and more shows

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    Look at the line-up for the above gig Now Wave are putting on at the Apollo!

    Tickets are out now with the usual outlets, apparrently ticketmaster is the cheapest in this case and clicking the photo will take you there.

    And here’s some more recently confirmed shows:

    19 March – Elevate, Graz, Austria w/ Machine Drum
    25 March – Le Cave aux Poetes, Lille (France)
    26 March – Le Clascon, Lyon (France)
    01 April – Ether Festival, South Bank Centre, London w/ Architeq
    08 April – Bios, Athens (Greece)
    16 April – XOYO, London w/ Ghostpoet, Lukid, Kutmah
    24 April – Pacrock Festival, Pont-à-Celles, (Belgium) w/ Pivot, Action Beat
    02 June – Oddstream Festival, (Netherlands) w/ Ceephax, Coco Bryce, Richard Devine, Shigeto
    04 June – Manchester Apollo, w/ Battles, Caribou, Actress, Illumsphere
    17 Sept – Phono Festival, Odense, (Denmark)

     March 10th, 2011  kelpe

  • Margins Yellow Vinyl Here

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    My EP on Black Acre “Margins” released last October entered Bleeps Top 10 EPs of 2010, and sold out at the end of 2010. If you missed it, don’t worry as it’s been re-pressed on tasty yellow translucent vinyl, and copies of this limited new pressing have arrived. You can order a copy over at Boomkat.

     March 2nd, 2011  kelpe


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    First gig of the year coming up this weekend, at a great looking party put on by Musique Large crew – featuring Fulgeance, Baron Retif + Concepcion Perez, Rekick, etc! We’ll be on stage at 1am and the venue address is:

    Cafe Julien
    39 cours Julien
    13006 Marseille

     February 16th, 2011  kelpe

  • Coco Bryce Collab + Tour Dates

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    I’m back from a three week holiday in India and catching up with the world now.

    First, here’s a collab I did with Coco Bryce for his forthcoming album “Boesoek” on Fremdtunes, coming late February:

    Coco Bryce & Kelpe – Corrado by Kelpe

    “I usually turn up the volume once again when I get to “Corrado,” featuring Kelpe, which has a great electro-boogie funk to it that seems to be channeling the Gap Band or even some Off the Wall-era Michael, while throwing in some more current house music as well.”Scratched Vinyl

    Also, I’ve been confirming some gigs in Europe during the coming months, here’s how they stand at the moment:

    19.Feb: Café Julien, Marseille (France)
    03.Mar: Le Confort Moderne, Poitiers (France)
    19.Mar: Graz, (Austria)
    25.Mar: Le Cave aux Poetes, Lille (France)
    26.Mar: Le Clascon, Lyon (France)
    01.Apr: Ether Festival, London
    24.Apr: Pacrock Festival, Pont-à-Celles, (Belgium)

    A tour of the USA should happen in July as well….

     January 25th, 2011  kelpe

  • Chocolate Money Out Today / Kelpe Nutriot Podcast

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    Chocolate Money EP came out today on vinyl – see previous post for links to buy it, and Nutriot have just published a new mix and interview:

    Here you can listen on mixcloud, otherwise head right to Nutriot to download and read the interview.

     November 22nd, 2010  kelpe

  • Chocolate Money EP

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    My next record “Chocolate Money EP” is all ready for release on the dutch Fremdtunes label (distro by Rush Hour), and can be pre-ordered already on Rush Hour by clicking this link or the artwork above. The 12″ record features two original tracks and two remixes, by Huess and Coco Bryce and will be released on the 22nd of November.

    Here is a little video teaser for the release:

    Kelpe – Chocolate Money EP Teaser from Kel McKeown on Vimeo.

    Here you can hear samples of all the tracks:
    “Chocolate Money EP” Teaser by Kelpe

    And you can hear the Huess remix of the title track in full here:
    Chocolate Money (Huess Remix) by Kelpe

    And below is a copy and paste from the press release for you:

    “British artist Kelpe (pronounced: Kelp) releases his latest jewel called ‘Chocolate Money EP’ on Dutch label Fremdtunes. The 4-track EP is filled with glitchy beats and spherical melodies and Kelpe once again makes a powerful musical statement with this release. Title track “Chocolate Money” sounds like a forgotten Turkish funk gem, with a saz twanging into the foreground over a backdrop of burbling moogs and heavy percussion. “Goldfishing”, with its metallic synths and staccato rhythms has enough itchy urgency to compel any listener into some impromptu body-popping. On the flipside Kelpe has enlisted the talents of two of his favourite producers: Huess (Inaudible Answer) + Coco Bryce (Harmonia / Lowriders / Myor / Fremdtunes) to rework both A-side tracks into their own inimitable stylings. Huess instigates some bizarre twisted bhangra while Coco Bryce creates an cheekily addictive marimba hook that turns “Goldfishing” into something entirely different. Overall, we find a balanced 12” of vinyl that will satisfy the most demanding of beat freaks.”

     November 4th, 2010  kelpe

  • HoFun Mix

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    In 2008 I made a mix for the Allez Allez Blog, a selection featuring The Life Force Trio, Dam Funk, Dungen and a lot more stuff. This week Robin Mahoney, the man behind Ho Fun + Channel 4’s The Trip (with Jacques Peretti) took it upon himself to take the first half hour and assemble a capricious 6 screen selection from his archive.

    HoFuN / Kelpe Mix – 6 screen full HD – excerpt – 30 mins from Hofun 2 on Vimeo.

    You can order Robin’s brand new DVD collab with Si Begg here.

     October 26th, 2010  kelpe

  • Beatdrops Flyer

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    Very much looking forward to playing with Dimlite, Cinnaman + Feldermelder in Fribourg, Switzerland on the 23rd of October, and this flyer is great too.

     October 14th, 2010  kelpe