Before it becomes a distant memory I just wanted to give a shout out about the SATTA Outside Festival that went on in Lithuania in the middle of August this year. It’s the second time I’ve played at the festival and I’ve also played at SATTA Inside in Vilnius. The first time I played I wasn’t able to take my drummer as he broke his foot playing table tennis, but this time he was able to come along to play. The festival had pretty much tripled in size (in a good way) since I played there in 2009, and we played to a packed out open air arena (an ex communist lecture theatre) to 2500 enthusiastic Lithuanians. Below is a couple pics of our show and a clip I filmed of Gaslamp Killer playing on the same stage. Also on the line-up amongst others was Mike Slott, Machinedrum, Paul White & Mo Kolours, Brokenchord, dEbruit, 100names, fLako, Robot Koch, Ghostpoet, Loops Haunt, Young Montana?, Montgomery Clunk and loads more. To conclude, its well worth making the journey to get this festival; if you’re into that kind of music it’s really one of a kind.

     September 1st, 2011  kelpe

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