• Good times at CTM

    I know Club Transmediale Festival at WMF in Berlin was back in Februaury, but I’ve only just got round to uploading the video + photos. It was an ace festival, the amazing Mount Kimbie performance is still really fresh in my mind, it also introduced me to James Blake as he was playing with them, and I’ve now seen his name everywhere since and enjoyed his music. Anyway, the other standout performance was probably Dan Deacon, I’ve never seen anything like that! Holy Fuck also gave a great performance despite losing a lot of their equipment on the plane (apparrantly) – by the way my remix for them is finished and will be out on a 12″ single soon!

    So here’s a couple of photos and a video, they were all taken by Ieva Feldmane

     March 31st, 2010  kelpe

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