• General update of stuff

    Ok so here is a new website! I realised it was years since I updated the last one, but this one will be updated much more, with gig listings, plenty of free downloads (mixes and exclusive tracks etc…) and links to all the other places for info and stuff.

    As for an update, here’s what’s happening:
    Reviews are still trickling in from my last album “Cambio Wechsel” and I’ve put a selection of quotes under the press section.

    Still playing live with Chris Walmsley on drums (a lot in Holland now for some reason – see you tomorrow Amsterdam!). Also will be playing Bloc Weekender (solo set) and Bangface Weekender (set with Chris). I’ve also linked you to a clip (Colours Don’t Leak) from a fairly recent gig in Bristol.

    And finally, remixes. There should be a mini slew of Kelpe remixes coming this year. I’ve completed ones for Fulgeance, Jean Jacque Perrey, Huess, Point B, Max Berlin that should all be coming out soon (I’ll post some on Soundcloud when I’m allowed). I’m currently working on one for the band Holy Fuck, which will accompany their new album / single coming in early summer.

    That’s it, come back soon. Also, I don’t actually have a proper mailing list so if you’re interested, please sign up on the right.

     February 25th, 2010  kelpe

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