• New Mix and Interview / Video from Kill Em All

    There’s a new mix I’ve done, along with a short interview up at Fenchurch.com. I think I forgot to include a tracklist and now I can’t find it so I’ll come back when I’ve located it.

    Also, I just got sent this video clip (complete with distorted audio as usual) from the Queen of Hoxton (in Shoreditch, London) at a decent night called Kill Em All. From memory it was definately a fun gig, but the drum kit kept moving across the stage gradually throughout the gig (you can see Chris stop playing to move his stool to catch up)! The song is Yippee Space Ghost and as always that’s Chris Walmsley on drums. Thanks to Ieva Feldmane for recording it.

     March 8th, 2010  kelpe

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