• Two new videos ‘Outwhere’ and ‘Single Stripe’

    Check these two new videos below from the upcoming LP. All in full HD. Firstly ‘Outwhere’ directed by Paul ‘Gash’ Southgate:

    And then ‘Single Stripe’ by Graphic Surgery and Mookx. This is a slightly edited down version of the track compared to what will appear on the LP.

    “The video for ‘Single Stripe’ was created by Graphic Surgery and mookx, visual artists from the Netherlands, using custom made software programmed by Johan Holwerda. It was made using a realtime controllable representation of the track in the form of a graphical oscillator, programmed in C# using technologies normally used to make shader effects for computer games. Every sound of the track is visually represented using the oscillator to perform live visual jam sessions on the track, which were then re-edited by mookx.”

     May 16th, 2013  kelpe

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