• Tracklist for Flurobeige Mix

    Posted by kelpe

    On the site for Shook magazine you can download the Flurobeige mix I did for Bloc (no need to sign up or any of that stuff) and here is the tracklist:

    Shlomo / Antigravity (Fulgeance Mix)
    Dalcym / Decalc
    Robert Koch / Vortex Cookies (Flako Instrumental Mix)
    Rustie / Dog Mask
    Loops Haunt / Huarache
    Maximillion Dunbar / Love Loop
    Tiago / Babelfish
    Debruit / Ko Debout
    Slugabed / Goulash
    Bullion / Crazy Over You
    Huess / I’d Rather Be The Hunter
    American Men / AM System (Mike Slott Remix)
    Dorian Concept / The Fucking Formula
    Mount Kimbie / Maybes
    Kona Triangle / Fresh Flowers Ahead
    Mike Slott / 40 Winx

     March 30th, 2010  kelpe