Last year I released an alphabetical series of tracks under this weird Polymar name – which at one point was going to be a pseudonym. In my head the Polymar project could be a new workspace to explore a more minimal and meditative sound, and an opportunity to work with more expansive durations and soundscapes.

    At the time of producing them I thought they were sounding quite different from my normal output to justify a different name but in the end I decided, actually, this is just more Kelpe, some of the best stuff I’ve done recently, and I don’t want it to get lost out there – so I released the tracks under my own name but just with the Polymar title, allocating an alphabetical letter to add on the end of each title, A, B, C and such. In my mind I always thought that the tracks should be listened to as a whole in order, but when I eventually came to assemble all the tracks into an album, it came out way too long since some of the tracks were up to 15 minutes long. So back to the drawing board a bit, I reworked the tracks into a more album friendly format, sometimes adding new sounds and remixing. During this process I was also working on new tracks to finish off the album.

    Anyway, the result of all this is ‘A Polymar Compendium’ – a 16 track, 64 minute album which hopefully works as a nice coherent listen.

    As well as digital formats, the album is available on a limited number cassette tape with deluxe 4 flap double sided fold out featuring the artwork that went along with the tracks and more. Finally, a limited CD with onbody print in a digipak with clear tray. I designed the packaging for these myself and they’re available on Bandcamp. Limited to 50 copies each.



     May 3rd, 2019  kelpe

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    • I am absolutely loving this collection at the mo. It’s been on a loop for a few days now via spotify whilst I’m drawing. Top work, you deserve great credit. I’ll recommend it to the hilt.



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